Most people have thought about going away on vacation with their friends, at some point. You get on really well; you’ve been to a few BBQs at their house and out to a restaurant a couple of times. Perhaps you’ve stayed up late playing cards enjoying their company. Your children are always around at their house, and vice versa, and you’ve been car pooling with them for years. So, you’re sitting around after a good meal, talking about vacations when someone suggests you should rent a vacation home together. That way you’ll get a bigger property and pay less because you’ll be splitting the costs. Everyone gets excited about the idea and you enthusiastically plan where you should go and when.

Yes, we’ve all been there at some point, although some are more sensible than others and don’t get carried away with the idea. Those who’ve experienced the practicalities of sharing accommodation with friends will tell you that it rarely matches the initial anticipation and its not uncommon for such a vacation to be the end of a burgeoning, or even a long-term friendship.

The most common cause of resentment and irritation is the different ways we raise our children. Those in the laissez faire camp who feel that since they are on vacation, any rules they may have at home can simply be put on hold while on holiday, will clash with the autocratic parents who hold that rules are rules, wherever they may be.

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