My Mia’s Skin Relief Launches in the USA


After great success within the United Kingdom, My Mia’s Skin Relief is launching their range of eczema treatment and eczema creams within the United States this April 2022.

My Mia’s eczema treatment is designed to calm eczema flare up quickly, gently, and naturally without medication. Perfect as a first line of defence to calm skin irritation (and eczema flare ups).

This company was created by a mother for her child. When this mom, saw her daughter’s eczema spiralling out of control and leading to hospitalization and strong medication, she created a new path for her daughter to stop the vicious cycle.

She learnt about calming the inflammation within her body and created gentle skin care products to treat her skin (including eczema, dermatitis & mild psoriasis flare ups). 

My Mia’s Skin Relief, holds a clear vision that every person should be thriving, not barely surviving. “If sharing our story and gentle skincare products helps just one other person, then the pain of the journey has been worth it”- Geeta, Founder My Mia’s Skin Relief.

With a team of professional organic & award-winning formulation chemists, and this mother’s first-hand experience managing her daughter’s eczema both in and out of hospital, My Mia’s Skin Relief offers a unique and effective approach to eczema treatment

My Mia’s Skin Relief Kit that has been successful in helping hundreds of people with their skin flare ups (including eczema) around the world. This unique 3 Step Skin Relief Kit contains all the products you need to:

  • Cleanse the skin from dirt & impurities, with Skin Relief Bath Salts 
  • Calm the redness from inflamed skin, with Level 2 Calm & Clear Cream 
  • Replenish dry flaking skin, with Level 1 Soothe & Hydrate Cream 
  • Hydrate, soften & nourish skin with Ultimate Skin Barrier Cream (contain premium grade ceramides)

The products have proven independent positive 5-star customer reviews. They are available over the counter without any prescription, ordered online and delivered straight to your door. 

They can be used by adults, children, and babies and calm red, itchy, dry skin on face, body, hands, scalp. Also beneficial to calm chafing skin.

What started as one child’s pain, has led to the creation of a new path of natural skin products, recovery & happiness.For more information about My Mia’s eczema treatment, visit:

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